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Emma Taylor graduated with a double-first class degree in mathematics and European history from Cambridge University. Emma has worked as a public school teacher, school leader and educational researcher. She is now a published author, having co-written London's Ancient Streets (Crosby Lockwood), European Puzzles (Random House) and What on Earth Is That? (Penguin). Her first picture book, Fancy That! (Walker Books) was shortlisted in the Junior Non-fiction category for the Guardian First Book Awards. Emma is also the co-founder of the We Love Mathematics Foundation, a STEM scholarship scheme for young aspiring mathematicians.

Amanda Kinnear graduated with a first class degree in mathematics from Cambridge University. Amanda has worked as a secondary school mathematics and English teacher and as a private tutor. She is the author of five non-fiction books, including the popular Discover the Royal Twists (Walker) and Elementary Number Theory (Walker) and the children's fiction Percy's Birthday Surprise (Walker), Percy's Birthday Treasure and Percy's Christmas Secret (Walker). Most recently, her book Technoia (Walker) was shortlisted for the Guardian First Book Awards. She is an earlier edition of The Sunday Times columnist Lucia Kier and is mother to two very inquisitive children. Amanda is also the co-founder of A Classic Kestrel, a STEM scholarship scheme for talented secondary school students from rural parts of the UK.

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