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I Love My Moms Big Tits 2 [TOP]

These stepmoms' tits are so big and beautiful that these horny boys simply can't say no! Watch Jensen, Brooke Tyler, Alexis Fawx, Syren De Mer and their precious mammaries drain their stepsons' balls dry! We hope you're ready, because it's over 2 hrs. 10 mins. of irresistible busty moms!

i love my moms big tits 2

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If only every milf had a rack like that! London River, Krissy Lynn, Ryan Keely, and Reagan Foxx have some of the biggest titties on the block, and these naughty step-moms can't wait to show them off! Prepare to get down and dirty because these busty moms have got their eyes on their stepson's cock!

Right here, for now, I have a red room with Hector, a home that'll last as long as our workday. He mashes a plastic baggie against the wall next to me. He's churning out a brown-red vein of marbling. It slithers from the top right corner, splitting into two directions, and then merging to find its target. Maybe Hector doesn't think about the direction of his paint. I never know what he's thinking. He's concentrating on the wall, eyes boring into the sheetrock. His tongue curls at his thin black mustache. His forearms flex and slack to the rhythm of his hands. Blood-red flecks dapple his sweat-slicked wrists. My dad would say he's a natural, would hire him in a second. But I found him first. I fuck him and I might love him, and my dad can't stop that. Dad can't make a wall look soft as leather, hard as marble. Can't turn a room into sex.

Paint drips cold down my skin. I yank the shirt over my head, toss it on the dropcloth. The wet-heat of the room feels better against my bare chest. I wish I could always work like this, without a shirt, in just my bra, shirtless like summer painters. But it is winter and I have tits.

In the pages that follow, which would be addressed if we continued on with a "page" critique, we find the cliched poor mom living in a trailer and working as a waitress, the use of endless lists,the MC's entire journey being passive not active, the prank subplot that gets lost and then reappears out of nowhere when an emotional point needs to be made, etc.. So, if you open up to a different page, you'll still find all that. (btw, I love LFA. I own two copies, like I said, it's a great book.)

Does it matter? Not to me, because I love the book. Not to you, because you love the book. To page critique of the fashion we are presently involved in? Yes, because the first scene has nothing to do with, nor does it hint at what is to come (the old friends and his home life don't matter where he is going).

A story about a character who loses or misses out on romantic love and settles into a relationship he feels less passionate about may present marketing challenges. But it's functional as a narrative, and there's no reason it can't be compelling.

This idea also applies to colloquialisms. Colloquialisms are just that, colloquials. Cliche is cliche. Big difference in definitions. To say, "as useless as tits on a boar hog" is character development, it shows regional aspects, life in the country, etc. Sure, it's used *a lot* in the south and that's all the more reason why it's a colloquialism and not a cliche. People tend to confuse these, too, calling them cliches. 041b061a72


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