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my personal favorites are the multiple cell lookup (i.e. vlookup) function and the pivot table function. the vlookup function lets you enter two cell references, including the value being sought, and find the cell within the specified list. you can even apply a range of cells by typing specific start cell and end cell. likewise, you can also apply a range of values by typing specific start values and end values.

you may additionally use the pivot table function to design an table which has multiple categories and various column headings. a few examples include sales by year and by month, costs by month or even by department. the pivot table lets you sort your data into the rows, columns and groupings that you prefer. plus, you can quickly see how the data is arranged, update the chart, add or remove columns or rows, and choose a calculated result.

as for overseas customers, the one year warranty spans all of asia, australia, europe and north america. in fact, the office 365 international (ooi) warranty program will offer a license benefit to customers abroad who purchase the office 365 qualifying products. ooi international workspace programs include office 365, office 2016, office 2013, office 2013 pro plus and office 2013 pro plus for windows 8.1. ooi offer the promise of 365 standard global service and technical support, worldwide entitlement without time limit for delivery and rights to use for non-commercial purposes.

among the different office 365 plans, the pro plan is the most flexible. pro subscribers gain instant access to outlook, excel, word, powerpoint, onenote and access 2016 at no extra cost and receive extra storage benefits on onedrive and a paid subscription for teams. in addition, pro users receive 5 gb of cloud storage in onedrive for business for onsite non-personal use, while academic and individual users get 1 tb cloud storage. 3d9ccd7d82

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