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Zanjeer 1973 Movie Free ^HOT^ 11

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Zanjeer 1973 Movie Free ^HOT^ 11

Rajesh Khanna, who happened to be a very close friend of Jaya, never really gave his nod to her relationship with Amitabh. In fact, he had cautioned her several times about meeting Bachchan. There were talks that Amitabh was a frequent visitor on the sets of Bawarchi to meet Jaya and Rajesh used to ignore him. But nothing could stop Jaya from falling head over heels in love with Amitabh. Life becomes exciting when a bit of drama and thrill is involved, it makes the story worthwhile. When it is about the legendary actors, Amitabh and Jaya, one cannot expect anything to be so plain and simple. A major turn came to their love saga just before the release of Zanjeer (1973) when their friends made a condition that if the movie becomes a hit, they will go to London.ADVT. 1e1e36bf2d


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