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although they were never in the news yet, we know that the international child pornography task force obtained a subpoena to obtain the information stored on e4m and another one to get the information on our customer base. we also know that the us government owns an nsa backdoor. so we might have a problem with getting our software distributed. the us government already has a keylogger on our products and they are not difficult to get. so, we decided to move our customers to our newest product without giving them the chance to modify the source code. the product is not yet released, and it will take a few months to develop and debug the new software. however, the new product will be supported for at least five years. in that time, we will take all the services of our customers with our new product. we will also be as open as possible and provide support for our new products.

SecureStar DriveCrypt 5.6 Serial Key keygen


richard canavan said:'. for all of our customers we will never give any details or any source code. all of our employees are contract workers. it would be senseless to employ people who would then sell the details of our products to other companies and spammers and spammer-spammers. please do not give anyone your details. only put a very good password on your computer. richard canavan

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