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Sri Sri Chandi Path In Bengali Pdf

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Sri Sri Chandi Path In Bengali Pdf

a brilliant example of the relationship of the feminine and the masculine in the hindu tradition is provided in the discussion of the devi hymns of the chandi. in these hymns, the feminine represents the favor of the divine mother, and the masculine the light that emanates from that favor. the feminine is subtle and passive, while the masculine is potent and active. the former reveals the interior of the divine mother, while the latter illuminates and actualizes it. the feminine is spiritual and the masculine is real, tangible.

each of the two hymns of the last section of the chandi is accompanied by another text, commentaries and illustrations. taken together, they present a coherent and rich picture of the great devi or mother. the devi hymns appear originally in sanskrit, while the commentaries and illustrations are rendered in english.

the 14th century shaivite poet, jayadeva is the most prolific author of the chandi. he provided two commentaries to the three verses of the devi hymns of the 1st section, and three commentaries to the last three chapters of the 3rd section. the first commentary, jaya chandi, presents the devi as the highest deity with a number of attributes. next, the bhakti poet ramaraja provides a commentary on the story of the 1st section, followed by a commentary on the third section of the 3rd part. also from the 14th century, sri ramanuja is the author of two commentaries, one on the verse hymns of the 1st section and one on the last two verses of the 3rd section.

bhakti is the real religion, sri chaitanya and his associates said. it is not merely the religion of devotion. bhakti means union of the devotee with the supreme. ramakrishnas unique understanding of the relationship between the divine and human may be seen in the chandi he composed. 3d9ccd7d82


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