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Bye Buy Children's Resale Consignment Plano Tx !FREE!

Just Between Friends Plano is the best pop-up children's resale in the area. Twice a year in addition to great deals, we provide the industry's safest consignment sale. We have safety and recall specialist who inspect sale items and we provide safety guides to consignors every sale to help keep our local families safe!

bye buy children's resale consignment plano tx

Join us for DFW's favorite pop-up consignment event for gently-used children's and maternity clothing, toys, books, games, baby equipment and more...just about everything you need for your kids! Parking and admission are FREE! Come to our spring/summer sale and shop over 90,000 items from over 600 families all in THREE DAYS and save up to... View Article

Kidswap won the D Magazine recommendations in 2011 and 2012 when it comes to second-hand baby gear in the DFW area. The store has specific times through the year that they accept consignment items from people to turn around and resell in the store, offering new parents great deals on their baby gear. Unlike many consignment stores, Kidswap is considered an upscale children's shop, open since 1991. The store has moved around a few times over the last 25 years and are currently located across from Kuby's Restaurant in Snider Plaza. 041b061a72


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