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Turn Me On Dammit Watch Online

The plot in a nutshell: Ripley Holden (Lloyd Owen) is in a good mood. He's just sold his successful convenience store chain to help finance his lifelong dream of owning a hotel/casino in Laughlin, Nevada, about 129 miles south of Las Vegas. In fact, he's in such a good mood - he's going to sing along to Elvis Presley's "Viva Las Vegas." Nevertheless bad news is around the corner as Buddy Baxter (apologies as I didn't recognize the actor), one of his investors, announces he's going to pull out his 25% stake and instead invest in wind farms. That leaves Ripley with just two weeks to come up with the million dollars he's going to need to actually finish construction. His only options then are to seek help from Buddy's wife Bunny (a scenery chewing Melanie Griffith), who just happens to be his old flame, and Nicky Fontana (Hugh Jackman), a rival casino owner. Both result in subsequent musical numbers and even more bad news for Ripley - Bunny won't help unless he resumes their previous relationship and Nicky won't help because he plans to buy out Ripley's casino once his loans default (but he'll keep Ripley on as manager if he wants). And just when things can't get any worse - Buddy goes and gets himself murdered, leaving Ripley the prime suspect. But wait, there's more: Ripley's family life is also a mess - his wife Natalie (Madchen Amick) isn't too fond of his new business venture and his 18-year-old daughter Cheyenne (Ellen Woglom) is dating someone twice her age. Thankfully, his son Jack (Carter Jenkins) proves to be his staunchest supporter, but that may be because Jack just bought him a sports car for his 16th birthday. Also thrown into the mix are D.B. Woodside as Nicky's bodyguard, who also happens to be having an affair with Bunny; and Eric Winter as a police detective who tries to cozy up to Natalie in order to get the dirt on Ripley. In the end, it's good old fashioned Vegas (or Laughlin) luck that saves the day for Ripley... and some more singing.What works: Believe it or not, I kind of dug the show's musical numbers. I mean, don't get me wrong the Bunny/Ripley duet set against Blondie's "One Way Or Another" is a complete train wreck, but Jackman ("Sympathy For The Devil") and Owen's ("Viva Las Vegas") solo numbers are a lot of fun. Plus, you've got to respect a show that has the balls in today's doom-and-gloom TV universe to say - "You know what dammit, our characters are going to sing!" Now if only it wasn't...What doesn't: ...such a boring, one-dimensional show. All of the characters are paper thin while the show's central murder mystery plot doesn't add much meat to the recipe. It's literally - Ripley, good; Nicky, bad; let's watch them growl at each other! Said formula wouldn't be so bad if the musical numbers were the centerpiece of the show but truth be told they're not, even to the point that a viewer blindly coming in might feel like they're actually tacked on. Instead they're treated as pseudo-commercial breaks from the action, further exposing the lack of fun in between them. Even worse is that it completely undercuts the show's "only on TV" finale, which sees Ripley literally betting it all, not once but twice, on a roulette spin. If this were a fanciful universe were people randomly broke into song, I might have bought it. But as it stands, it's a universe where lots of talking heads discuss money - Natalie worries about it, Ripley needs it, Nicky takes it, Bunny holds it over Ripley, etc. - intercut with the occasional musical number. All in all, I kind of wish the show didn't hold back the fun.The bottom line: It'll probably turn out to be the show that has the most split opinions about it and mine isn't leaning toward the hopeful side.

turn me on dammit watch online

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