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Pixelmator Pro 2.1.4 [HOT]

Yes, it's pretty good but has some problems with EXIF tags.I found that if the UserComment tag contains a non-ASCII character the character gets replaced with a question mark and sometimes the text gets chopped off although not at the character. You can see this by looking at the Info window for a picture with a non-ASCII character (for example an é ) in the UserComment. I reported this back in August and they hoped to sort it out for version 2.1.4 but it's still not fixed. Accented characters in the ImageDescription EXIF tag do not have this problemI also think the application modifies GPS information on pictures, only by a small amount (probably less than a metre/3 feet) but I haven't had time to check this in detail.To bypass these problems I changed my workflow to edit the picture in Pixelmator and then set the EXIF tags to the values I want rather than the other way round.I realise neither of these will be a problem for most people and I'd still recommend the software.

Pixelmator Pro 2.1.4



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