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The Demon God Italian Dubbed Free [2021] Download

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Using telekinetic powers, Dante uses Ryo to free himself from his ice prison before eating him alive as the cultists use a princess to again perform the Black Mass used to summon Dante, this time with success. However, Dante's consciousness has been taken over by Ryo who, upon seeing his new form, is blinded by rage and rampages through Nagoya. His frenzy ends upon encountering Zenon, an old friend of Dante, who, becoming enslaved by God, was forced to fight and thereby be killed by Dante. Eventually, Ryo encounters the leader of the cultists, who tells him that his birth family was killed in a car accident and his adopted father, who is both a doctor and the leader of a rival cult dedicated to God, was the one who saved him, revealing Saori to be unrelated by blood. In retaliation to Dante's release, the followers of God unleash the Four Devil Kings (悪魔四天王), who wreak havoc on the city by draining the life force of its inhabitants in order to gain Dante's attention. Ryo also meets the demon Medusa, who assumes the form of a supermodel named Saeko Kodai (古代 冴子, Kodai Saeko).

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Link sets out to the Sky Keep and obtains the Triforce, using its might to wish for the eradication of Demise.[166] Zelda is finally released from her duty in the present, but shortly after, Ghirahim abducts her and transports her to the past, planning to resurrect Demise in that time period.[167] Despite Link's attempts to stop him, Ghirahim sacrifices Zelda's soul to Demise, thus allowing Demise to break free of his seal. Link then challenges Demise, who is impressed with Link's courage, and thus accepts the challenge. Ultimately, Link defeats Ghirahim and Demise, and seals the remains of the demon king in the Master Sword. But before being sealed, Demise warns him that his hatred will be reborn as a being to pursue domination of the world, as well as those with the blood of the goddess and spirit of the hero, in a cycle without end.[113] Back in the present, Zelda decides to remain on the Surface, and wonders what Link plans to do.[168] Link smiles, hinting that he, too, plans to stay on the Surface with Zelda and help her watch over the Triforce.

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