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Assignment 3.pdf

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3. To download the marked worksheets for the students, and only the marked worksheets for the students, open the file marked_submissions.xlsx in the File Feedback folder of the portal.

Note: you'll need to select a student identifier and submit for you to be able to download this, which will then be automatically assigned to the other submissions in the spreadsheet. Note, however, that your identifier will be visible to any other students that may view this submission.

Finally, you may like to consider a slightly different exercise. You can use Numberphile's interactive Equation solver to solve the given Diophantine equation. While this is not strictly speaking a problem of the same form as the original, the solution helps to make this assignment more concrete. See this page for more details.

If you wish to use external marking software, you can export the mark sheets as a comma separated value file, which can be imported into the marking software, then export the mark sheet as a PDF and send it to students.

If you wish to manage mark centrally and you wish the students to be able to see their own mark, leave a note in the assignment so they can find their mark, you can then export the mark sheet as a text file and send it to the students. You can also choose to show their mark if they have the marksheets in their own Assessment page.

The student has a number of options for entering feedback. These options are:

1. Attach feedback file 2. Attach text document 3. Attach audio clip 4. View feedback file 5. Modify feedback file 6. Submit feedback file

The student can also define their own feedback type (text, audio, image) and the feedback can be marked with the grading rubric.

Attach feedback file

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