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Veer Kapoor (Fardeen Khan) is a struggling artist who hopes to make it big someday with his rock group but at present is tottering financially. His only source of income is a monthly pocket money of Rs 100,000 from his wealthy elder step brother Dharam Kapoor (Sanjay Dutt), for which Veer has told a lie about him being married to Vidya (Mugdha Godse), his girlfriend. His best friend is Prem Chopra (Ajay Devgn), who is married to Jhanvi Chopra (Bipasha Basu). Jhanvi runs a broken down gymnasium owned by Prem's family and Prem spends his time mechanically modifying cars.

THE All The Best

Widely considered one of the very best and most versatile defenders of his or any generation, Garnett was the MVP in 2004 after leading the Timberwolves to the Western Conference finals, their only trip outside of the first round in franchise history. He was a 15-time All-Star, the Defensive Player of the Year in 2007-08 and a nine-time member of the first team All-Defense, the rare player capable of guarding any position on the floor and shutting him down. MORE

Wall Street Journal: Mr. Finkel's book shares research on what happens in the best marriages, with the aim to help everyone else likewise score an 'all' rather than a 'nothing' partnership."

? The most deserving Oscar winners of all-time? The best thriller films of all-time? The best funny films of all-time? The best foreign films of all-time

Though cookware costs more per piece when sold separately, it can be more practical to purchase specific pieces that suit your exact cooking needs. (See our guides to the best skillet, cast-iron skillet, nonstick pan, saucepan, roasting pan, and Dutch oven.)

Stick handles that provide an easy grip and a comfortable angle allow you to quickly move saucepans around the stovetop using only one hand. So we dismissed sets with small or medium saucepans that had two side handles. (However, if you prefer saucepans with two handles, some manufacturers, such as All-Clad, sell them open stock.) We also looked for sets that included a hole on each handle for hanging. Side handles are best for larger saucepans (those over 4 quarts) and stockpots, which have a bigger volume and require two hands to lift.

We previously tested the 12-inch skillet from the Breville Thermal Pro line for our guide to the best skillet. The Breville weighed almost 5 pounds and retained too much heat due to its thick base, which made temperature control difficult. Based on those results, we opted not to test the Breville Thermal Pro Clad Stainless 10-Piece Cookware Set in this roundup.

This page includes a list of the 25 best-selling books of all-time as well as the 25 best-selling book series of all-time. Best-selling books are ranked by number of copies sold, not my personal ratings.

And that makes our job of curating a list of the studio's best releases a very difficult one. So instead of playing critic, we took a more sentimental route with the following criteria: The greatest Disney movies of all times should a) tickle a nostalgic bone, b) be linked to a powerful childhood memory, c) entertain and empower, or d) all of the above. Ahead, our noblest effort to offer a mix of classic hand-drawn animation, 3D computer-generated gems, live-action favorites both old and newer, and, of course, visionary jewels from the Pixar wizards. So go ahead, be our guest, and flip through these favorites.

Pokémon Sun and Moon are some of the best Pokémon games that Game Freak has ever produced. Poké Pelago, the side quests, the absolutely stunning nature of the presentation, it's all a sheer joy from start to finish. Game Freak managed to carefully balance the inclusion of new mechanics without totally ruining things for the most hardcore fans. It's got content coming out of its ears, a much more interesting story than some previous efforts, and it rewards exploration in a way no other title in the series had to that point.

Pokemon Sun/Moon was the lowpoint of the series for me. The game was pretty bland and there was no sense of exploration. Pokemon Gold/Silver definitely are the best games in my opinion because they perfected the formula. The games that followed just built on that.

As someone who recently played every single game and has no bias, Pokémon Ultra/Sun/Moon are the best games in the series they have the fairy type balance, more character choices including clothing, best presentation of story, a way to see your IV and EV, bottle caps help to make old Pokémon useful again and more that a lot of nostalgic people fail to see and obviously gen one (Red/Blue/Yellow) it's the worst by today's standards and yea this list has Zero sense having almost all Gen 2 games on the Top including remakes

The only thing I hate almost as much as genwunners is people who think GSC and HGSS are the best games. At least Platinum is high enough. B2W2 should be a lot higher. And I'd say XY and Sun/Moon as well.

Anyone that says sgc are the best games is saying it on nostalgia alone. I've been playing pkmn since it came out and god those games just aren't fun! Not challenging, boring story, uneven pace and the new pokemon just sucked. I've played every single one of these games and that gen 2 theres just something with it that doesn't click with me.

But I can definitely say that Heartgold and Soul Silver are the best. Great sprites, music, Pokemon selection, and chock full of content. It also goes to show what happens when a game is made by people who are passionate and care about more than just maximizing profit. The director in an interview spoke about how they wanted it to essentially be the best game, and wanted to cram it full of amazing things.

My first ever Pokemon game played was red, green or yellow. I can't really remember which one but I was around 8 and a friend let me play a little bit on his Gameboy Color. My very first own Pokemon game was Leaf Green, the Nintendo DS Lite had just been released and I was just 10 dollars short of buying the DS as my first console so I ended up buying a pink GBA SP AGS 101 along with Catz. I asked my parents for Pokémon Fire Red and when christmas came around I got leaf Green and I was so, so happy. I spent over a month playing the game after bedtime, under my covers trying not to get caught. Now that I'm older I realise that they definitely noticed, but let me do it for a bit because I didn't really cause any big trouble and if I played too long they would just ask if I was awake and that would make me turn off the gameboy immediately and go to sleep so that they "wouldn't notice" that I had played games after bedtime. I was around 9 then. Then came the time when I finally, finally got my hands on a DS and a few games, I got to choose 3 games of which one was Pokémon Diamond. I really loved Diamond, to the point where I would bring my DS with me everywhere so that I could play it. I would even make a makeshift mini-tent with my jacket so that I could play the game outside between classes. It was this game that really got me into the Pokemon series. Later I bought Pokemon Black and my brother gave me his copy of Black 2 after he got tired of video games and I spent almost 2 months playing them as much as I could during the summer. It was one of the best summers ever...

You don't even explain half of it and the parts you do explain make very little sense. Also in a list like this, where you're trying to declare things the best, why not involve your reader base as well, instead of just your own opinion.

@Aloy Lol, Platinum made Diamond and Pearl irrelevant. Of all the revised versions, Yellow, Crystal, Emerald, Platinum, and Ultra, Platinum easily was the biggest jump, fixing the most issues and adding some of best additions.

X and Y have no difficulty, REALLY annoying "friends", a smaller map, a mediocre champ and a really weak evil team. The only pros against S/M I can think of, are great Pokemon designs (hawlucha, greninja, charizard Y, noivern and aegislash are some of the best designs in the whole series) which are tied or slghtly superior to S/M games and a better rival.

Sun and Moon had a better story, more likeable characters in general, actual challenge if you didn't grind, a surprising rival, a few more "creepy" misteries like the ones from previous games , a bigger map, better villains and simply added more to the goodness of X and Y. I really don't get why those games are hated considering that they are among the best in terms of story ( at least characters grow and are more developed than in most entries) and the introduction in every pokemon game is slow. The rival did suck, as much as they tried to make him likeable. In fact, that was the problem with him, but fortunately, the other edgy but likeable kid made up for it. The championship battle was epic.

If Platinum was the biggest step up for an enhanced edition over its predecessors, then Emerald was the second best step up. It totally revamped and improved the story including the first use of animated cutscenes, introduced the Battle Frontier, allowed you to rebattle the gym leaders, as well as a few other additional new features.

But the one thing no one can dock you for is putting heart gold/soul silver at the top. For the issues in 4th gen of slow pacing, these remakes of 2nd generation didn't have any of the new experimentation that held the game back while keeping all the best stuff and adding more amazing features including the pokewalker which was the ONLY way until ultrasun/ultramoon to acquire a surfing pikachu and AFAIK still the only way to get a flying pikachu outside of a special distribution. Also it was a good trick to get children to go outside and run around and such. I remember it got me to take my dog on walks a lot.

I would rant why the fifth gen are so low here, but it's a decent list overall. The one thing I don't get why Platinum and Emerald are so much above the originals, while Yellow, Crystal, and Ultra are lower than the ones they build upon.I understand if you rank all of them lower, because sure, they didn't bring as many new things to the table, and I understand if you rank them all higher, because they are all technically the best version of those games, but ranking some higher and some lower just doesn't make any sense to me.


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