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The narrator also contrasts Riya's life with her own, and their relationship is a good example of the differences. The narrator attends the same college, is a full-time student, and has a boyfriend.

However, the narrator is very different from Riya, and the author uses the third person to show the differences. The first person narrator is not as open, and it is far less easy to understand her thoughts and feelings. She is far more reserved and in control. This narrator also seems more physically independent. She is more athletic, has bigger breasts than Riya, and seems to be more comfortably alone than Riya. In addition, the narrator has a job, whereas Riya is a full-time college student. She also has a boyfriend, much to Riya's chagrin.

Madhav and Riya eventually develop a closeness. While in college, Riya is often lonely and Madhav often accompanies her on her errands and to her classes. Soon, Madhav starts taking Riya to his home for dinner. They begin to have sex, but their experiences are not satisfactory, and Madhav begins to think that perhaps he should remain a virgin. So, when he proposes to Riya, she agrees to be his Half-Girlfriend, but only if he keeps their relationship a secret and avoids seeing her husband.

Madhav realizes that Riya is more than a friend, but he becomes afraid that he is abandoning his childhood ideals and settling for a Half-Girlfriend. He cannot express his love to Riya, and he thinks that she feels like a child to him. Riya notices the change in Madhav, and is hurt by his indifference and his inability to share his feelings with her. Madhav finally agrees to tell his friend about his relationship with Riya. Riya is upset that Madhav is involving his friend, but she realizes that she cannot avoid him. 827ec27edc


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