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Bhrigu Chakra Paddhati Pdf 19 'LINK'

Bhāva (Sanskrit: bhāva, 'state, condition') is a term in Jyotisha denoting a fixed zodiacal division of the sky from the perspective of an observer. It corresponds to the concept of "house" in Western astrology.[1] A natal chart is called bhāvachakra (Sanskrit: chakra, 'wheel'.)

Bhrigu Chakra Paddhati Pdf 19

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  • Chakra literally means "wheel". In astrology, "Chakra" is a special arrangement of rashis or nakshatras which simplifies the study of transits for a specific purpose. Kota Chakra is one of the several chakras in astrology.... (pg. v) He continues: Taking "Janma Nakshatra" as a starting point, Kota Chakra is an arrangement of 28 nakshatras in such a way that more sensitive nakshatras are differentiated from less sensitive nakshatras so that effects of transit of planets in various nakshatras on the health & happiness of a person can be properly studied. Study of this book will help one in getting an answer to the following questions: What is Kota Chakra? Which segments of Kota Chakra are more sensitive & which are less sensitive?

  • What do we mean by malefic transit in Kota Chakra?

  • What will be the nature of malefic effects (ie, disease, type of disease, death, accident, suicide, mental torture, etc.).

In the author's preface is this summary of examples used: Time of death; Brain hemorrhage & recovery; Heart disease & surgery; Serious accident; Accidental death; Person shot dead; Throat cancer - doubt, diagnosis, treatment & recovery; Illness & recovery; Accidents fatal & non-fatal; Suicide; Legal disputes, imprisonment; Indo-China war, Indo-Pak war; Fall of governments. K.N. Rao, in his preface, says after being puzzled by Kota Chakra for many years, he requested K.K. Joshi to make a special study of it, as Joshi came from that part of India (near the Himalayas) which was famous for their use of astrological chakras. The results of Joshi's studies is this fascinating book.


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