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Our professional and patient guide will brief you of how to dive into the history, people, politics and culture of the country. We will let you, as a special privilege of your PRIMO membership, join us for a delicious experience in the heart of the Italian city.You ll have a chance to sample some of the best Italian wine and food. Take advantage of our free tour, the samples of local snacks and a hot drink.

The way Primo works is the way Google works. The Primo search portal consists of several search engines and one way to access them is through a single button in the upper right hand corner of the user interface. This menu button allows Primo to be used as a search engine. For example, if I enter the query "camping" the system will look for the word in the full text of the book and offer a list of titles.

The way links are added to search queries is an increasingly important use of search at PRIMO. In the past, a search of the entire database for a specific term, such as the term author, would give a large number of results that sometimes exceeded the capacity of a screen, especially if the initial Search had many facets. A person would have to scroll through many records to find the few records of interest. In the past years, the addition of links allowed for the collection of many more records of a certain type that could be easily displayed in the initial Search, rather than by scrolling through the records.

i assume that exlibris took out the the from the title and replaced it by the because of the following: the correct spelling of christopher columbus' surname is columbus, so in my opinion the correct spelling of the title should be christopher columbus: the first modern man (without the the). if the title were christopher columbus: the first modern man, it would be more clear that the text i am looking for is the book i want to buy. on the other hand, this would force primo to replace the entire book metadata with the word christopher instead of only the title. this would have the disadvantage that the books metadata would be less accurate and that the book would not be found by primo if the query were somewhat inaccurate. 3d9ccd7d82


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