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Bose Firmware Update Soundlink : Free Programs, Utilities And Apps

This is just an update in case you have issues with the Bose connect app. The latest update has some issues with VoiceOver and that is kind of sad. Here's how to get around this if using your Bose speaker and you want to check for a firmware update.1. Open a Safari page.2. Press CMD-l and go to this page.Note: This page does not have http://, or www.3. The page looks like this without the quotes.""4. Make sure that your bose is turned off and hooked up to the Mack when doing this firmware update.5. Follow all of the instructions, and your done!Welcome to your new firmware!Bookmark the page so you can get firmware updates. This should work for all Bose products.

Bose Firmware Update Soundlink : Free Programs, Utilities and Apps

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