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Nikon 6d Autocollimator User Manual

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Nikon 6d Autocollimator User Manual

Mr. Matsumoto describes the characteristic strengths of the Autocollimator 6B and 6D. "The light rays can be made to diverge or converge by turning the objective correction ring. This function allows measurement of the radius of curvature for convex and concave surfaces." As shown in Figure 4, the autocollimator is placed so that it is facing the convex or concave surface and the observer turns the objective correction ring so that the crosshair image produced by the reflection is clearly visible. The radius of curvature for the convex or concave surface can now be read off the scale on the objective correction ring."Fundamental to the working of the autocollimator is the assumption that the emitted light and the incident light will be parallel to each other. If the reflector is not flat enough, however, the incident light will not flow parallel. The purpose of the autocollimator's objective correction ring is to allow the user to correct for this. The ring also has this secondary use, in that it permits the observer to measure the radius of curvature of a convex or concave surface. 1e1e36bf2d


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