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About us

Updated: Apr 6, 2021

ADF GROUP Travel and Tours is a company involved in tourism field since founded on 2005.

Together with its related activities, Tourism is one of the biggest and fast expanding economic sectors of ADF Group Travel and Tours. With its variety of attractions and quality of its tourism services, we are heading toward Europe as one of the world leading tourist destination.

Our tourism sector consists of tour operators and guides, Individual or Corporate Travel and Tours Management, travel agencies cooperation, recreation and entertainment, transport and accommodation services. But it is also a cross-cutting sector whose fortunes impact on many other sectors ranging from construction to retail business.

ADF GROUP Travel and Tours represents the Quality of the Service for Tourism companies such as tour operators and travel agencies, as well as in other service sectors linked to tourism.

Since 2005, we are working closely with the other travel agencies and unions federations in Albania and/or Europe, pursuing the coordination platform for all trade unions representing nowadays the work in tourism.

Our paramount aim is the promotion of sustainable and qualitative service in tourism. We want to achieve this by:

Improvement of our service toward all of our customers, individuals , groups or corporates.

Improvement of working conditions for workers in the tourism sector

Promotion of training/continuous training in the tourism industry

Strengthening cross-border cooperation between travel agencies and Tour Operators Unions.

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