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American Pie 4: Band Camp

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American Pie 4: Band Camp

Matt Stifler, the younger brother of Steve Stifler, is eager to enter a family business of making pornographic films to prove his "Stifmeister" behavior to his older brother, Steve. After Matt pulls a prank on the school band that goes too far, the school's guidance counselor Chuck "The Sherminator" Sherman, who attended high school with Steve, decides to punish Matt by sending him to band camp. Matt is initially dismissive of the idea, but is soon persuaded to agree, his interest piqued by the purportedly notorious sexual behavior of band camp girls.

Upon arrival, Matt is extremely disrespectful to the rules along with everyone at Tall Oaks and even gets his school's band in trouble. Jim's dad, Noah Levenstein, the camp's MACRO (Morale And Conflict Resolution Officer), recommends him to try to fit in for the band's trust. Matt conspires with his nerdy roommate, Ernie, to film the other band members in a bid called 'Bandeez Gone Wild' by using hidden cameras.

During a scuffle in lunch, Matt accepts a duel with the rival band leader Brandon, wherein the performers show off their music skills, with Brandon playing the snare drum, and Matt playing the triangle. When it seems Matt has lost, he leaves the stage and comes back playing the bagpipes, also wearing a kilt, to the tune of "Play That Funky Music" to win the duel. Matt befriends Elyse and are later attracted to each other and share a kiss while watching the clouds in the sky.

A day before the finals, the cheerleading squad of East Great Falls arrives and catches Matt in a band camp uniform. They tease him, taking a photo and plan to share it on the internet. Matt later offers a deal of showing them his film 'Bandeez Gone Wild' in exchange for deleting the photo. While showing them his video, Elyse turns up after he's unintentionally stood her up. Disappointed with Matt after seeing the video, she leaves.

The various school bands compete for points throughout camp with East Great Falls leading on the last day, but an ill-fated prank Matt meant for the rival team causes the band to lose and Elyse to possibly lose her opportunity for a scholarship. Once the new term starts, Matt visits Chuck, who reveals that he and the rest of Steve's friends really could not stand him.

Matt soon begins to fix his mistakes by deleting the naked videos he took of others at band camp, reconcile with his band camp buddies, and then persuade the school band to play Elyse's piece, Instrumental of Tal Bachman's Aeroplane, for the Conservatory head. Due to blatant plagiarism, Brandon has been disqualified and Elyse wins the scholarship, while Matt successfully wins her affection.

In AMERICAN PIE PRESENTS: BAND CAMP, Matt Stifler wants to prove himself worthy of working with his older brother Steve in the business of making porn movies by making hidden-camera sex tapes similar to Girls Gone Wild. But after a prank on the high school band in which he puts pepper spray on the mouthpieces of all the instruments goes horribly awry and culminates in him getting caught with his pants down trying to get pepper spray off his crotch region, Stifler is forced to make things right by attending band camp. Initially displeased with this punishment, Stifler tries to make the best of it by scheming to make hidden-camera sex tapes, believing that "band geeks" probably have the weirdest sex. After alienating everyone attending band camp, Stifler tries to change his crass and obnoxious ways, especially when he begins to fall for Elyse, the drum major of the band and someone Matt grew up with. But as he starts to make friends in the band and even begins to enjoy the experience, cheerleader friends arrive on the scene, wondering if Matt has betrayed his jock clique by fraternizing with members of the marching band. Stifler must decide if he wants to follow in his older brother's quasi-legendary footsteps or be his own bro, drop his act, and grow up.

Everyone has 'moved on', except for Sherman and Jim Levenstein's still understanding father. Little Matt Stiffler wants to join his older brother Steve's business and, after everything Matt has heard from Jim's band-geek wife, he plans to go back to band camp and make a video of his own. 59ce067264


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