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Since both of these 1/2 rack sized modules have been very popular with wind controller players, we will directly compare these units. Neither is "better" than the other. It's a matter of YOUR needs and what pleases YOUR ears. As far as sound goes, there are numerous demos of these modules being played with a wind controller at the Patchman Music website. The XV-2020 audio demo is here. If using a VL70-m, we strongly recommend the Patchman Music TURBO VL upgrade chip for it. The VL70-m TURBO VL audio demos are here. These two modules use completely different types of synthesis to generate their sound. The Yamaha VL70-m uses a very special type called physical modeling. The benefits of physical modeling are explained elsewhere in this FAQ. The XV-2020/5050 (and all the other XV and JV series synths) use a more common sample playback type synthesis. The VL70-m is strictly a lead instrument, that is, it can only play one note of polyphony due to the highly computational nature of this type of synthesis. No samples are used in the VL. Instead, the sound is generated "from scratch" within its computer model of an actual acoustic instrument. The sound is generated and responds interactively in real time based on the input you are sending it from your wind controller. You cannot create layers of sounds or chords within a single VL70-m (several VL70-m units can be layered though) but its one note of polyphony produces more realistic legatos and responds in amazing ways based on HOW you are playing. Because of this real time interaction it does things a sample based synth simply cannot do. The XV-2020/5050 is 64 note polyphonic and thus is capable of generating very complex sounds with layers of multiple patches and chords. So for big layered string sections, brass sections, ensemble sounds, drums, keyboards, basses, and guitars, the XV-2020/5050 is essential. Samples are, of course, actual recordings of real instruments so the general sound is quite realistic although not as flexible as the VL which reacts and changes its sound based on your playing. For example, the Tin Whistle in the VL can jump up an octave simply by blowing harder as with a real Tin Whistle. You can also crack notes on the trumpets and do real "lip shakes" on the VL. The samples in the XV are "pre-recorded" and cannot change the way a physical model can. So the sounds in the XV do not respond quite as "acoustically" asthe VL can.

Garritan Aria Player 1.5 Crack

MIDI: Of the Yamaha offerings, the WX5 has by far themost bells and whistles with regards to MIDI functions. Whetheryou will use these functions is a personal thing. The WX5 alsoprovides more controllers to the player. Compared to the WX7,the WX5 has two more variable continuous controllers plus threestatic (off/on) continuous controllers. The WX5 can send a muchlarger number of MIDI controllers than the other two models.

The Synthophone is a MIDI wind controller that is built inside a real alto sax body. In addition to standard features you would expect on any MIDI wind controller, the Synthophone also gives you aftertouch control, modulation control, start/continue/stop for sequencers, 5 part harmony in any given key (3 preset styles and 6 user modifiable), chord variations through lip pressure, 3 styles of pitchbend with 5 levels each, 5 part multi-channel mode with proper voice leading, freeze harmonies, optional thumb express assignable for pitch bend/number of voices in a chord/lower-upper MIDI channel/ bII Substitute Chords/ sustain, portamento, as well as many others. The other nice thing is when you find a setting you like, including program change, MIDI channel, all of the above,you just save it to the Synthophone's non-volatile memory. It also has a friendly user interface which means that saxophoneplayers can get immediate results. The instrumentcan be set to feel and respond so much like a saxophone that youcan play it right away. The designer, Martin Hurni, can put your own custom altissimofingerings on the instrument so there should be nothing aboutfingering that will feel odd. After you're comfortable playingit "like a saxophone" the other features will keep youbusy for a long time.

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